Michelle Boulé – The Monomyth


May 17-27, 2017

Wednesdays thru Saturdays at 8pm

The Monomyth explores narratives of loneliness and solitude, following the trajectory of a soloist through a continuous movement experience. American culture idealizes the individual, yet we are living in what has been called “the Age of Loneliness,” where competition and cultural suppression trump connection, cooperation, and support for varied expressions of self. At the same time, solitude is often a necessary component for artistic exploration and spiritual transformation. The Monomyth references writer Joseph Campbell’s idea of the hero’s narrative, where an individual undergoes a solitary process of transformation on behalf of a larger community. The dance is paired with music sourced from disco, and is ultimately a celebration of connection through the alchemy of movement and presence.

Created and performed by Michelle Boulé. Lighting design: Natalie Robin. Sound Designer: Curtis Tamm.