Mission & History

Selective Memory photo by Paula Court

The OBIE Awarding-winning Chocolate Factory Theater values the process of creation and the spirit of experimentation; and is a leading incubator for new developments in experimental performance. The Factory's 5,000 square foot facility is home to new work by the company's Founding Artists; and provides support to over 100 Visiting Artists each year.

The work of The Chocolate Factory's founding artists emphasizes multi-disciplinary collaboration combining movement, music, video and text to devise a means of storytelling that is immediate, collage-like, highly visual, and dependent on new technologies. When successful, the work is not easily categorized as theater, dance, new music, or video art and is rather a thorough intermingling of these disciplines. By extension, our curatorial values when it comes to Visiting Artists leads to work that exists across or between disciplines-work that requires new methods, more time, and a new kind of audience.

Resident Artists

The creation of new work by our founding artists is The Chocolate Factory’s primary program activity. Under the leadership of founding artist and Artistic Director Brian Rogers, recent projects include Hot Box (2012-13), Selective Memory (2010-11) – “its connection of image and movement places it in the forefront of today’s many investigations of how video can connect with live performance” – NY Times, and redevelop (death valley) (2009).

Visiting Artists

When not in use for resident artist projects, The Chocolate Factory provides support to visiting dance, theater, music, visual and multi-disciplinary artists in the form of dedicated access to our space and technical equipment, substantive creative residency periods, commissioning funds, and administrative support. Visiting Artist projects are curated by Artistic Director Brian Rogers.


THROW is a performance-development series curated and moderated by Sarah Maxfield. It is designed to provide artists with a platform for ideas-in-progress, and to provide audiences with insight into the investigative process of performance-making. THROW is curated with a strong emphasis on artists who are investigating form as well as content, artists who are truly testing ideas and who consider the audience crucial to their developmental process. There is no formal application process for the series. If you are interested in participating in THROW, please email Sarah to express your interest by describing the nature of your artistic research. Include links to previous works, if possible, and/or invite Sarah to a rehearsal, showing, or performance.